Easy No Cook Appetizers

Easy No Cook Appetizers

With so many holiday parties coming, you are bound to need an appetizer to share. I know I do! And you know, being a food blogger, you would think I’d make these elaborate plates of beautiful food for every pot luck we go not so much, while the food is tasty I like something easy because, I don’t know if y’all know this yet, but...I’m not much of a planner. Even if I do plan, I tend to change my mind by the time I get around to the actual doing of the things. For this reason I have a few favorite appetizers to share with y’all! I’m also going to break this down into three posts for y’all. First up, No Cook Appetizers! Be sure to tell me what you try and share the ones you like with your friends!

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Easy No Cook Appetizers

Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Here’s the deal, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Take what you have lying around and add one or two things to it. I tend to buy the fancy cheeses on sale. I’ll grab one or two when they are on special AND I won’t use the whole thing and have another half or third for the next party! Then add in the things you have!

*First the cheese: have a hard cheese (Gouda, cheddar also either of these are great in the smoked variety) and a semi-soft cheese (Havarti, brie, blue)
*Add in something sweet (grapes, blueberries, apples) and something briny (olives, pickles)
*Then the dippers - something gluten free (bell peppers, special crackers, nuts) and a couple varieties of crackers (we like pita chips, bagel chips and butter crackers.)

You can add in some texture and height variety by adding some of the things (fruit, pickles, olives, nuts) to a small bowl or two.
If you don’t have one of these, go with what you do have. Instead of fruit I will sometimes use rolled up lunch meats, turkey, salami, and prosciutto are all great options.  It's different every time I make it!
Easy Cheeseboard Appetizer

Easy Cheese Board

Pumpkin dip

Super easy, sweeter option for an appetizer or dessert. You can certainly change up the flavors as you like...I usually do! Also you can cut this in half easily for a smaller crowd!
1 can of pumpkin
1 block of cream cheese softened to room temp
1 C of whipped cream (cool whip or the canned variety will both work)
1-2 tsp ground cinnamon
1-2 tsp ground ginger
Cookies and fruit for dipping. I use vanilla wafers, ginger snaps and apples usually.

Bonus Recipe

I could not pass on Sparrows and Lily’s Cranberry Jalapeno Dip! It does take planning a day ahead but I promise you will not be disappointed! Plus Lindsey has been such a wonderful resource for me as I start this blogging journey, I know you will enjoy her blog!

If you've made it this far, leave me a comment on what you liked and share it with your friends! I'd love to see your creations and hear about your favorite no cook appetizers!

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