Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

Pot Roast: Slow Cooked or Instant Pot of my absolute favorite meals: it’s easy, tasty and once you start it, it cooks itself! It’s also good for feeding a crowd and can be easily made gluten free! AND it’s probably the first recipe I’ve really mastered and know will come out consistently delicious every time I make it! Don’t believe me? You can ask anyone who’s had my roast and you will now be able to try it yourself!!

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Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

Now, you COULD just toss the meat in the crock-pot with a little water and let it cook all day but that’s boring and has little flavor. I am going to teach you a few extra steps to make it extraordinary but not extra complicated.

Cooking Tips 

First of all, any time you cook something for a long time you will generally lose a lot of texture and most everything will taste the same. For this reason, I do not cook my roast with carrots and potatoes. I also sear (brown at high heat)  the meat before I let it slow cook. It will lock in the juices, create some texture and add an extra layer of flavor to your roast! I have also seen restaurants put a reverse sear (brown at high heat after the slow cooking) on their braised (low and slow in liquid) dishes and you absolutely could do that but that puts another step on getting everything finished at the same time. If your house is anything like mine, there is enough to do before you sit down to eat, you don’t need that step at the end!
Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

Secondly, season it well! You have a large piece of beef, usually somewhere from 3-5 lbs, it takes a lot of salt! I’d say 3-4 pinches per side.
Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

Thirdly, and I could write a whole post about this on it’s own, I will cook with mushrooms, specifically baby bellas aka criminis. They add SOOOOOOOO much flavor and texture when prepared correctly. And the best thing is you can do all of these steps in one pan before putting in the crock-pot (or if you have a slow cooker like mine you can just transfer the pan from the stove to the slow cooker base.)
Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

One more note, I’m going to briefly tell you the BEST way to cook your attention...I mean it…
Cut them yourself (they are porous, they will cook differently)
Don’t salt them until they are brown already (the salt will draw out the natural liquids and you will be standing there much longer to get the flavor you want)
Cook them in the same pan you just seared your meat in, they will absorb that flavor too and it’s oh so yummy!!
Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

Okay, the best pot roast you’ve ever eaten, are you ready????


3-5 lb chuck roast
8 oz baby bella mushrooms sliced (do the slicing yourself!!)
32 oz stock (can be whatever you have on hand)
*optional fresh thyme, an onion, and a cup of red wine
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Slow Cooker Directions:

1. Heat a large saute pan to medium high heat.
2. While that is heating, oil and salt chuck roast on both sides and slice mushrooms and dice onion if using.
3. Once pan is hot, place roast in pan and leave it there until you get a brown crust 3-4 minutes, flip and do the same on the other side.
4. Transfer roast to crock-pot (or set aside if using one pan for all)
5. Lower pan temp to medium heat, add in about a tbsp of oil and let that get hot
6. Place mushrooms in the hot pan in an even layer (try not to crowd these so they brown faster!!) Brown on both sides, then salt. Again do not salt until already browned!!!!!!!
7. If using wine add in here to de-glaze the pan (gets the brown bits off the bottom of pan) and cook off any alcohol. Or a cup of stock.
8. Place all ingredients (thyme can go in here too) in the slow cooker and cook 8 hours (or longer) on low or 4-6 on high

Instant Pot Directions:

1. Turn on Instant Pot to SAUTE, press it again set it on MORE. Add oil to pan, it will read HOT when ready. 
2. Sear roast on both sides.
3. Remove roast to a plate, set aside. 
4. Saute mushrooms (and onions) as explained above. 
5. De-glaze the pan with wine or stock.
6. Place roast (and other ingredients) on top of mushrooms in Instant Pot.
7. Close lid, seal vent then set Instant Pot to pressure cook for 1 hour.
8. When done, allow to naturally release for at least 10 min, so roast does not seize. Then vent until safe to open.

I serve this with rice and gravy (that will be another post) and roasted veggies and it will surely please your crowd! ALL THREE OF MY KIDS LOVE THIS MEAL!!! Y’all that is a rarity in this house! I know you will love it too! Don’t let the number of steps intimidate you, it is not nearly as complicated as it seems. I promise!

Tell me what you serve with your roast and I’d love to hear how yours turns out trying it this way!!

Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

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