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Hey, I’m Elizabeth Vincent, a Christian, wife and mom of 3 beautiful girls. I grew up in Charleston, SC and recently moved to Greenville, SC. My whole family was born and raised in SC, so my southern roots run deep. I’m a totally girly girl and love hair and makeup, home design and fashion for myself and my girls. I also love music, I have a stupid ridiculous amount of random music knowledge in my head and it is not unusual for me to bust out a few song lyrics while having a conversation with someone based on the words they just said. My professional background is in teaching littles, but my true love is creating fabulous food!  I’ve always been interested in cooking and did plenty of it but until I had my wonderful family, I never really tried to explore it.

I’ve always been intrigued by cooking shows and how ingredients work together so I just started experimenting. I love trying new flavor combinations and being inspired by fresh, local ingredients. Sometimes they are hits and some are misses, ( just ask my husband) but it's always an opportunity for learning!

I've honed my skills and searched for more as I've gone along. I’ve learned knife skills and cooking techniques from skilled celebrity chefs like Michael Symon, and Ina Garten. I’ve created recipes inspired by southern known chefs like Damaris Phillips, Katie Lee and Trisha Yearwood. All of these people have helped me feel free in the kitchen and that’s what I hope to do for all of my readers as well.

I want to use the gifts God has blessed me with to bless all of you and to take all of the anxiety and stress out of cooking so that you can have time for all the other things. Life is about family and good food. If you are sitting around your table and sharing a meal with the ones you love- it’s my absolute favorite place to be. We can all use a bit more of that in our lives right?  If you agree, I hope that I can encourage you to break out of your norm and explore in the kitchen to add to the joy of it all.

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